Cranes and material handler

SENNEBOGEN cranes and material handler .


SENNEBOGEN has over 60 years of experience in engineering reliable duty cycle cranes and draglines. With a robust uppercarriage / undercarriage design in combination with a sturdy lattice boom and powerful hydraulics the duty cycle crawler cranes are made for dynamic and continuous operations. The heavy duty cranes from 30 t to 300 t lifting capacity can be equipped with various hydraulic and mechanic attachments (dragline bucket, grabs, diaphragm wall grab, leader, casing oscillator, crane equipment).
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SENNEBOGEN material handlers are designed especially for highest performance, capacity and maximum reliability and safety.
Material handling machines are available with robust modular undercarriage solutions (mobile, crawler, rail, gantry and optionally heightened with pylon) for customized applications.
For maximum comfort and excellent site overview the material handlers are equipped with a hydraulic elevating cabine. With equipment length up to 30 m, different quick-coupling systems and attachments (orange peel grab, clamshell, timber grab, sorting grab, magnet plate, scrap sheer) the material handlers are very versatile.
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Excellent overview at 4 m eye level with elevating cabine in series.
Lifting height up to 9 m and operating weight up to 10t
Hydraulic quick coupling for various applications with different attachments (bucket, working platform, lifting fork, crane boom)
Better maneuverability through all wheel steering and all wheel drive.
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The equipment is perfectly balanced in any work position by the counterweight, which is directly connected to the equipment. This means that only a small amount of energy is needed to drive the equipment – even when large operating ranges and heavy loads are involved. Balance material handlers manage with only 50% of the installed capacity of conventional machines. In combination with an electro-hydraulic drive, up to 75% of the operating costs can be saved in this way compared to conventional material handlers with diesel engines.
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